• Statex Semi-Automatic VTM Dispenser

Statex Semi-Automatic VTM Dispenser


  • Statex Semi Automatic VTM Dispenser is to measure 01 ml to 500 ml of liquid accurately by Measuring (ml) accuracy +/- 0.1%
  • Two Peristaltic pumps; works independently with the same volume or different volume as per setting.
  • Special calibration software assists to measure accurately by adjusting volume, if any variation due to tube ageing.
  • Air tight cap with suction tube fitting arrangement, easy to unscrew and screw the cap.
  • Pump speed selectable in four speeds: 30, 60, 90, 120 RPM.
  • Filling time will be less than 1 secs/tube/pump of 3ml VTM at 60 rpm. Cap opening liquid filling and cap retightening will be within 4 seconds.
  • 1800 Tubes per hour, (3ml VTM can be filled in 1hr with 60 Rpm. Practically 4secs/tube)
  • Special PU tubes with autoclavable and biodegradable provided to suit as per medical requirements.
  • Peristaltic pump tube size 6.3 inner dia, 9.6 outer dia. With the statex PharMed BPT tube. Continuous service temperature range is -51°C to 135°C. (Life of statex Pharmed BPT tubing 1000) hours.
  • User friendly foot pedal operating system by two operators independently.
  • Touch screen HMI display - 4.8”
  • Power Supply, 230V AC/50Hz, 5A
  • Self prime mode for easy liquid loading.
  • Microprocessor based stepper motor drive.
  • Digital LCD Display of RPM, and NO OF CYCLES done.
  • Calibrate the volume of dispenser +/- 10μL.
  • Maximum volume dispense to 9999 ml.
  • Can also set decimal values in 0.1 ml increments.
  • Counter for counts the number of times liquid is dispensed.
  • OPTIONAL: NIGHT SAFETY MODE, Nitrogen gas autoclavable inside the tube and pump. We supply Mini Nitrogen gas cylinders and connectors. After connecting the nitrogen gas cylinder, night mode automatically refills Nitrogen gas inside the tube and pump until ready to reuse the VTM. It safeguards the VTM path of the pump and tube from any contamination.

VTM Dispenser Video: