Fabric Testing

Fabric strength tester machine is used to measure the strength and elongation of fabric materials.

Fabric strength tester measures the strength by constant rate of elongation principle.


  • Floor mounted, rugged steel body, auto self aligned jaws and double screw rod mechanism for precision measurement of breaking load.
  • Strip strength test and tear strength test in 200mm gauge length can be done.
  • Testing range: up to 500kgs.
  • Testing speed: 300mm/min constant.
  • Designed with rugged steel body for better stability.
  • Specially processed jaws for avoid slippage.
  • Load cell fixed with self aligning mechanism for accurate measurement.
  • Double screw rod mechanism to avoid parallaxes error.
  • This instrument can be operate without computer.



  • Individual fabric strength, Elongation. 
  • Average.
  • CV%.
  • Minimum.
  • Maximum.
  • Range.
  • Standard deviation.
  • Q95 confidence limit.