• Veguam III - Fully Automatic High Volume Instrument

Veguam III - Fully Automatic High Volume Instrument

Statex Veguam III is the advanced model of Veguam II. Veguam III testing speed is improved and the test is done by 19 seconds.

  • Statex Veguam III is the most advanced and reliable instrument for measuring 8 fibre properties namely length, strength, micronaire, maturity, colour, trash, moisture and optional UV Module.
  • Fully automatic sample preparation, auto combing and brushing for length and strength measurement.
  • Bar code reader automatically updates the test details from the barcode lable which is fixed in the cotton tray. It increases the no of samples / shift.
  • Testing speed within 19 seconds to test all the 8 parameters of cotton.
  • Industrial grade computer with touch screen monitor for trouble free operation at mill environment.
  • Tests and analyses the fibre characteristics of cotton in a single instrument quickly and accurately to meet the international standards (USDA,ISTEK). 

No of Tests / Sample

No of Tests / 8 hours

Highest Speed – Mechanical Speed 1500 Test

8 Hours with eight test parameters.



  • Each module has a separate sample loading facility.
  • All modules work independently and simultaneously.


LENGTH AND STRENGTH MODULES:  Fully automatic sample preparation by four combs in circular path. A new patented twin pneumatic clamping mechanism, compact in size with minimum moving parts for accurate and speedy measurement. Length is measured by optical and strength is measured by constant rate of elongation principle respectively in ICC and HVI mode of testing.


COLOUR,TRASH AND MOISTURE MODULE: Colour and trash parameters are measured by optical reflectance, image processing. Electrical resistance principles for moisture measurement.


MICRONAIRE AND MATURITY MODULE:  It measures the micronaire and maturity parameters by "Patented Double compression airflow method” in three types of maturity modes(AFIS, Shirely and Statex).

UV value is measured by Ultra Violet  reflection method. It is used to reduce the barre caution in the fabrics.



  • Patented circular comb movement for continuous testing. 
  • Patented double compression mechanism for measuring the actual maturity value of cotton.
  • Patented mechanism for length and strength testing module.
  • In built Auto calibration for length, strength, mic and colour modules are done automatically without operator supervision.
  • Special inbuilt electronic circuit for “auto calibration of moisture”.
  • Increased length parameter accuracy by “patented film calibration”.
  • Special inbuilt program for periodic self testing of all peripherals are done automatically to verify its own performance.
  • Special inbuilt “service data”, monitor the maintenance schedule and inform(display) timely at the time of  service due date.
  • Inbuilt Relative humidity and temperature sensor for automatic correction of test result.


LENGTH         : ICC: 2.5%SL, 50%SL, UR, SFI

                                  HVI: UHML,ML, UI, SFI

STRENGTH         : Strength (g/Tex), Elongation 

MIC& MATURITY : Mic(ug/inch), Maturity ratio, (%)percentage of maturity, finness( m. tex)

COLOUR : RD (Reflectance), +B(yellowness), Colour grade(upland/pima)

MOISTURE         : Moisture content % (or) Moisture regain% 

TRASH         : Trash Count, % Of Trash Area, Trash Grade/Leaf Grade/Trash Code

UV                 : UV