Supreme Trash Separator

Trash separator is used to analyze lint, heavy trash, light trash and micro dust from the raw cotton.

Trash separator works in “gravimetric and buoyancy “principle.

Variable speed in feed roller and lickerin cylinder.


  • Statex Supreme Trash Separator is the most versatile instrument for gravimetric measurement of trash content in cotton in variable speed.
  • Perfect separation of raw cotton in the form of lint, heavy trash, light trash and micro dust.
  • Latest and highly reliable micro controller based instrument with 16 character 4 line LCD display and feather touch keys for easy operation.
  • Independent drives with automatic speed controller for feed roller and lickerin cylinder.
  • Provision to select speed of both feed roller and lickerin manually for user defined cotton opening rate and trash content level.
  • Spring loaded finger type feed plate mechanism for better grip during opening.
  • Maintenance free independent suction system with 3 phase AC motor for long life and trouble free running.
  • Silent in operation and non polluting nature enables to keep the instrument inside the laboratory.
  • Safety limit switches in both doors provided, which ensures operator’s safety.