Fibre Bundle Strength Tester

Fiber bundle strength tester used to measures the tensile property of cotton and synthetic fibers in gram/tex.

It measures the tensile by constant rate of loading principle.


  •  Samples are prepared manually in pressley clamps held in a specially designed vice to avoid fiber disturbance.
  • The frame and Pendulum are equipped with sealed ball bearings to give smooth acceleration and loading.
  • This instrument helps us to measure tensile properties which influence the processing performance.
  • Strength measuring range: 2 to 7 kgs.
  • Elongation measuring range: up to 50%.
  • It gives an accurate indication of the force at break and elongation at break of a flat bundle of fibers.
  • Adjustment facility in the clamping cylinder makes possible to keep correct rate of loading in terms of  kg/second.