Automatic magnetic beads based system to extract nucleic acids (DNA/RNA/Protein) of highest yield and quality for hazardous samples like Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Blood, Plasma, Urine and Serum - Patent Pending.


  • Easy to automate DNA/RNA & Protein extraction protocols and their related purification steps efficiently.
  • Bench top and open system model compatible with multiple kits and with all lab wares.
  • The system is designed to be very simple and user friendly for processing upto 96 samples in one run.
  • Purification & Extraction method employs one binding, two washing and one elution steps.
  • Efficiently process the sample volumes from 50μl upto 200μl and elution volumes of 30 to 100μl.
  • The key advantage of using Statex Xtractor HT is to isolate nucleic acids with minimal processing time of 20 to 60 minutes with option for time and process selection.
  • Provided with a suitable container for disinfection of used lab wares. After disinfection, the plastic wares should be discarded as per the prescribed bio safety norms.
  • Incorporated with suitable heating units at the lysis and elution site to provide maximum nucleic acid extraction.
  • The system is designed to isolate nucleic acid with highest purity and yields, so that the DNA or RNA isolated are suitable for downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR and sequencing requirements.
  • Provided with Biosafety Cabinet Class – II Type A-2 with inbuilt UV lamp for processing viral samples. Differential pressure gauge to ensure free flow of filter conditions.

Xtractor HT - 600 Software:

  • The system comes with three default protocols for slow, medium and rapid extraction of nucleic acids which the user can select as per the requirement. The user can also customize the protocols as per their requirement.
  • Industrial computer with touch screen monitor 15.6” and inbuilt internal memory to store upto 500 protocols.
  • Protocol contains variable speed, time, number of cycles and temperature.
  • Sensors provided to maintain the presence of well plates at all stations.

Rental Control Module for Rent out Unit:

  • Owner can control the machine Via Passwords, SMS and Barcode Reader. A Lessor can monitor and avoid the misuse of Leased Machine.

Magnetic Beads Based DNA/RNA Protein Separation and Extraction Video: