Statex Carry Ginning Machine

Statex Ginning Machine is specially designed to separate the cotton fibre from cotton seeds.The separated cotton fibre is used for cotton fibre quality testing.


ü  Gentle gripping mechanism separates the cotton fibre without any damage to fibre properties like length, mic and trash etc.

ü  Motorized roller ginning separates the seed sand fibre in constant speed.

ü  Adjustable spring tension for better roller’s pressure is to improve the ginning efficiency.

ü  Provision to rotate by hand  in case of power failure.

ü  Hardened rollers assure the better grip and long life.

ü  Roller’s Reverse mechanism is provided for trouble free running.

ü  Instrument is less weight, foldable and easy to carry.


ü  Instrument weight: 10Kg’s, Size in cm: 38.5LX44.6W X9.5H

ü  PowerDetails - Watt & Voltage etc: AC Synchronous Motor 7Kg torque, 240V, Single Phase, 50Hz, 60rpm, 8kgcm, 100mA