• Statex Moisture Meter With Mobile App

Statex Moisture Meter With Mobile App

Statex MoistureMeter is used to measure the moisture content of the cotton by electricalresistance principle.


ü The instrument consists of moisture measuringunit and smart phone.

ü Auto calibration facility and mastercalibration device to check the reliability of the instrument.

ü Testing specimen with measuring spot can becaptured with camera and the same can be stored and transferred with testresult through social media likes what’s app and text messages to any mobilenumber or email.

ü Test detail entry in “Statex Moisture meterApp:”with alpha numeric inputs.

ü Two pairs of, detachable pin electrode’s aremade by high electric sensitivity 150mm and 300mm length.

ü Each electrode is provided with “probe guidering” made by acrylic material.

ü Stainless steel handle for form grip and longlife. 

ü Report filtering option like date wise, partywise, variety wise, station wise helps sort the required report easily.

ü Specially designed “Statex Moisture App” isused for testing and viewing the result in cell phones and share the result viamail, what’s app, text message, etc,..


ü Instrument weight:2.5Kg’s, Size in cm: 42LX31WX9.5H

ü PowerDetails - Watt & Voltage etc: Singlephase,50Hz for charging mobile.