Statex Carry Mic

Statex Carry Mic isdesigned to measure the cotton fibre fineness in terms of micrograms per inch.


ü Measurement of themicronaire is an evaluation of the air permeability of the cotton sample.

ü Instrument isincorporated with micronaire testing unit; air compressor, precision airregulator, air tank, electronic weighing balance and printer.

ü Highly reliablemicro controller based instrument is having 4 line LCD display with back light.

ü Auto calibrationfacility and master plug provides the reliable results.

ü Inbuilt printerfor instant printout ofresults.              

ü Instrument ishaving computer interface and “Statex user friendly software” for long termdata storage and analysis.

ü Measuring Range: 2to 8 micrograms/inch.

ü Testing Speed: 225Test / hour

ü Instrument isspecially designed for cotton buyers to select cotton with suitable micronaireat the spot.


ü Instrument weight:9Kg’s, Size in cm: 47LX39WX18H

ü Power Details - Watt& Voltage etc: 240V, 50Hz single phase power supply.