Auto Trash Separator

Trashseparator is used to analyze lint, heavy trash,light trash and micro dust from the raw cotton. Also used to determine nonfiber content of synthetic fibers byopening and separate the same.

Trashseparator works in “gravimetric and buoyancy“principle.


ü LatestPLC Controller and touch screen monitor helps userfriendly operations.

ü Testdetail entry for the sample can be done by usingtouch screen.

ü Inbuiltbalance for auto trash measurement.

ü Opticalsensor for sensing the test sample and runs thetest automatically thenautomatically stops the test when sample is empty.

ü Resultsstored in the PLC system and it can be takeprintout.

ü Trash% and Invisible loss calculated automatically bycontroller.

ü Compactand new aerodynamic shape for fiber separationand separates raw cotton intolint, trash, dust and micro dust in fourdifferent chambers.

ü Individualspring loaded finger type feed plate forbetter grip which helps for betteropening.

ü Troublefree single motor for lickerin and feed roller atconstant speed  and with separate new  improved maintenance free suction system.

ü Optional– Independent drive with variable speedselection for feed roller vs leckerincylinder.

ü Granitetable top for easy maintenance and elegantappearance.

ü Autotrash separator is a floor mountable machine.


ü  Sample weight

ü  Lint

ü  Heavy trash

ü  Trash

ü  Micro dust

ü  Invisible loss

ü  Trash%

ü  Average

ü  CV%

ü  Minimum

ü  Maximum

ü  Range

ü  Standard deviation