• Medium Volume Instrument

Medium Volume Instrument

 ü Electrospan is used to measure the span length, shortfiber content and uniformity of the fiber.

ü  Length Measurements made by optical principle.


ü  Length can be measured by HVI and ICC modes.

ü  Instrument controlled by computer and micro controllerPCB.

ü  Patented film used for calibration checking.

ü  Fibrogram diagram for selected tests.

ü  Granite table top for easy maintenance and elegantappearance.

ü  Stand alone sampler for user friendly operation.

ü  Length can be measured up to 45mm.


ü  ICC Mode: 2.5% span length, 50% span length, Uniformityratio (UR), Short fiber content (SFC), and Micronaire 

ü  HVI Mode: Mean length, Upper half mean length, Uniformityindex(UI), Short fiber content(SFC), and Micronaire 

ü  Statistical Report: Average, CV%, Minimum, Maximum, Range,Standard deviation

ü  Graphical Report: Fibrogram