About Us

Statex, a Coimbatore based company has been involved in the production of fibre and yarn testing instruments. Since its inception in 1985, Mr. K.SUBRAMANIAM Managing Director of Statex who is a graduate in engineering with more than 8 years of dedicated service in a textile research association, where he concentrated in  the textile testing instrument research and development. Enriched with his guidance and direction, today Statex has established its name throughout the world. 

Statex has been constantly and continuously reinventing itself by introducing new and improved technology instruments.With the encouragement and support of the customers statex will stand unique in producing high class products to meet the needs of the textile industry. Statex built with excellent experience of over 35 years, still keeps winning new confidence and customers with its reliable technology in textile industry.

Our Mission

“STATEX” believes that its solutions will improve the quality and productivity of the end products of the textile industry.

Our Vision

“STATEX” built with the experience of over 35 years,“KEEPS” winning new confidence and customers with its reliable technology to serve the textile industry.


Statex has been recently introduced unique concept of a “Mobile Cotton Testing Unit”. We have developed and installed a “Mobile Cotton Testing Unit test” 


Content: Statex will conduct in-house trail for each and every product. After their satisfactory trail run completion, statex will introduce the same to customer. 


Statex commitment to customer and dedicated customer service team to provide prompt support to the customers long-lasting partnerships with our clients


By building not just business relationships but really long-lasting partnerships with our clients, we get the opportunity to work closely with them.